srijeda, 4. srpnja 2012.

Germany, Czech Republik

As promised, here are some pictures I took on a trip to eastern Europe - Germany and Czech Republik.
I must admit I liked the accommodation and food better in Germany but historical treasure of Czech Republik has absolutely blown my mind.

Kutna Hora (CZ)
First of all, let's start of with my favorite place in whole Czech Republik I traveled through.
We visited this small town on the last day of our tour. The first thing that occupied my attention was an enormous gothic cathedral of st. Barbara situated in the town center. The cathedral is under UNESCO so you can imagine the beauty of it. We didn't have time to visit it, though, because we had to rush to the silver mine.
It was very interesting penetrating into cold and cramped mine when we could barely see anything... One other interesting thing, we found our selves in the middle of  královské stříbření, an annual gothic festival of this magnificent town. 

Füssen (GER)
On our trip we visited 3 Bavarian castles of king Ludwig II. which actually didn't excite me, but the nature around them was stunning. Here you can see a Alpsee lake subjacent the castel of Neuschwanstein. Schwan is actually a german word for swan so you can see a kings obsession of these beautiful creatures that still spruce his lake.

Prague (CZ)
Prag is quite a colorful metropolis that has so much to offer to tourists all over the world. When observing the architecture I must admit it remided me of Zagreb but I it's much advanced in so many aspects. There is a million of thing it offers - from Vltava tour, Krizik fountains, zoo, enormous disco, many museums, great beer and fine art... I wouldn't recommend their food, though (haha)...  All in all - something to experience! :)

Do you like traveling and what do you plan to visit?

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  1. Post je divan a fotke savršene! Svaka čast!

  2. Ove dvorce u Bavarskoj sam vidjela. :) Samo me sad još Prag čeka.
    Fotke kao i inače, da pozelenim od ljubomore.;)


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