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face chart:
I am making a series of Halloween looks. 
The looks are based on special MAC Halloween face charts. This series will include 3 different Halloween looks + description on how to achive them. 
Hope you enjoy it!



0) Start with a clean face.

1) Apply a moisturiser and a foundation 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
2) Draw your eyebrows higher then they actually are.

3)  Draw the lines on your face using a black pencil/gel eyeliner.

4) Fill the inner part with silver/metal eyeshadow and add a few dots in corners.

5) Smoke up your eyelids using the same eyeshadow you used on your face.
Put some eyeshadow below the waterline, too.
And a white eyeshadow below your brows.

6) Apply a gel liner on your lash line.

7) Apply a white pencil on your water line.

8) Curl your eyelashes, appy mascara and put on false ones.

9) Contour your face and nose using black eyeshadow and an angled brush.

10) Appy red lipstick on your lipps.

And you're done!

More pictures:

- added one more square:

Hope you like it. Share your opinion with me.  :)

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