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Did you know Klara + Living my vintage life

Klara on a previous "photoshooting"

Did you know Klara?

Klara is one of my best friends, very commited and by far one of the most talented people I know.
She is super inteligent and really enjoys making pictures and work on them, like me.
So, every now and then we get together and have a small photoshooting, let's call it that way.

We decide on what we are going to wear, I do her/my make up and then we go out and make pictures of one and other. Last time, she was my model, and this time, I was hers.

Living my vintage life

So, a few days ago I went at her place... 
What will be the theme, I wondered.. But, as soon as she took out of her wardrobe some old clothers, I knew what will happen. 

We did three different looks..

So, here are some final pictures of me that Klara took. 
I hope you will enjoy it.. I sure did. :)

How do you like it?

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